What do you seek to transmit with your works?
I try to communicate a sense of well-being, optimism, serenity, moments of happiness that occur without being noticed. I'm not looking to shock, or make people feel bad, or guilty about something that has nothing to do with them.
Where do you get your inspiration?
Everything I see, hear or feel becomes part of me. It turns then into an influence or source of inspiration.
Is it possible to visit your studio?
Of course, both in Mallorca and in Madrid. It is a pleasure for me to share my work place with people who enjoy art. If you want to visit me, send an e-mail to:
Is it possible to order a customised painting?
Yes. The palette of colours can also be suggested, although the final decision on the style of the work, and the feeling I want to convey, is up to me.
How much do the paintings cost?
A painting of 1m x 1m costs 7,000€ + VAT. The price may vary, depending on the size of the artwork and materials. For instance, a painting of 1.8m by 1.2m would cost €15.120 + VAT ( 1,8 x 1,2 x 7.000 = 15.120 euros)